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The Art of Scent Blending: Creating Signature Fragrances

Welcome to the fragrant world of Deliciously Wickt, where candles aren’t just wax and wick—they’re an olfactory symphony waiting to be composed. As a female founder with a penchant for creativity and a dash of whimsy, you’ve embarked on a fragrant journey that’s as unique as your own signature scent.

Why We Blend Our Own Fragrances?

Let’s face it: vanilla and lavender are lovely, but they’re like the greatest hits of the candle world. And while we adore classics, there’s something thrilling about crafting your own olfactory masterpiece. After all, why settle for the ol’ “Lavender Dreams” when you can create “Moonlit Whispers” or “Enchanted Forest”?

The Art of Scent Blending

1. Start with a Base Note

Think of base notes as the sturdy foundation of your fragrance pyramid. They’re the bassline that keeps everything harmonious. Vanilla, sandalwood, and musk are your trusty companions here. Imagine them as the cozy fireplace in a log cabin—warm, inviting, and oh-so-comforting.

2. Add a Heart Note

Heart notes are the melodic middle of your scent composition. These are the florals, fruits, and spices that dance gracefully atop the base. Picture a sun-kissed garden where roses twirl with citrus, and cardamom flirts with jasmine. It’s a fragrant tango, and you’re the choreographer.

3. Finish with a Top Note

Top notes are the sparkling overture that grabs attention from the get-go. They’re the zesty lemon peel, the invigorating mint, and the playful bergamot. These fleeting scents are like the opening chords of your favourite song—they set the mood and leave you wanting more.

The Secret Ingredient: Team Deliciously Wickt!

As the alchemists in this fragrant laboratory, we trust our instincts, mix with abandon, and let our senses guide us. Maybe a pinch of cinnamon will add warmth, or a drop of eucalyptus will transport you to a misty forest.

Stand Out, Scent Up

At Deliciously Wickt, we don’t just blend fragrances; we weave stories. Each candle tells a tale—a memory, a dream, a stolen kiss under moonlight. So, fellow candle lovers, join me in raising a wick and infusing our creations with magic.

Remember, your scent is your story. Let’s make it unforgettable.

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