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Candle Care and Safety: Illuminate Your Space with Confidence

Candles have a magical way of transforming any space into a cozy haven. Whether you’re unwinding after a long day, setting the mood for a romantic dinner, or simply adding warmth to your home, candles play an essential role. But with great ambiance comes great responsibility!

The Art of Candle Care

1. Trim Those Wicks
Before lighting your candle, trim the wick to approximately 1/4 inch. This prevents excessive smoke, uneven burning, and mushrooming. A well-trimmed wick ensures a clean and steady flame. (Click here for some getting-to-know-you time with cotton and wood wicks.)

2. First Burn Matters
When you light a new candle, allow it to burn until the entire surface becomes liquid. This prevents tunnelling and ensures an even burn throughout its life. Patience pays off—trust us!

3. Keep It Level Place your candle on a flat, heat-resistant surface. Avoid wobbly or uneven spots. A stable base prevents accidental spills and keeps your candle burning beautifully.

4. Avoid Drafts
Candles are sensitive souls. Keep them away from open windows, fans, or air vents. Drafts can cause uneven burning and lead to wax splatter.

Safety First: Candle Precautions

1. Never Leave Unattended
It’s tempting to let candles work their magic while you step out. But safety first! Always extinguish candles before leaving a room or going to bed. Are you like most of us—Squirrel!!—you get distracted easily? Set a timer and allow yourself to enjoy the glow without the worry.

2. Keep Away from Flammable Objects
Maintain a safe distance from curtains, paper, and other flammable materials. (i.e., the industrial pack of bathroom tissue, your mega-can of Aquanet hairspray, etc.) A cozy ambiance shouldn’t turn into a fiery situation!

3. Protect Surfaces
Depending on the type of vessel (i.e., glass or metal), place candles on heat-resistant surfaces or a non-flammable coaster. This can also dial up your décor with a pop of colour or design to proudly display your wax bébé.

4. Extinguish with Care
Use a snuffer or gently blow out the flame. Avoid blowing too hard (we’re not birthday candles!). Hot wax can splatter if you’re not careful.

Remember, a well-cared-for candle not only brightens your room but also warms your heart. So go ahead, light up your life!

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